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Lanyon Global Value Fund

A registered managed investment scheme, the Lanyon Global Value Fund is an actively managed, value-oriented fund investing in companies listed on recognised stock exchanges around the world.  The Fund comprises a concentrated portfolio of undervalued securities and aims to achieve capital preservation while seeking absolute investment returns that are attractive on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term.

The Fund is available for both institutional and retail investors.  The minimum investment in the Lanyon Global Value Fund is A$25,000.

The Lanyon Global Value Fund launched on 31 March 2015.  The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited (ABN 45 003 278 831, AFSL 235 150) (Perpetual) is the Responsible Entity and issuer of the Lanyon Global  Value Fund.

For a full copy of our performance report, please contact Kasey Zinghini. or (08) 8432 0460

Lanyon Global Value Fund PDS

IDR Complaints Handling update found here.

A copy of our TMD information can be found here.

Prior versions of the TMD can be obtained by contacting us.

Change of Fund Administration & Registry Provider
A copy of the PDS Supplement (February 2021) can be found here.

Change of Custodian
A copy of the notice can be found here..


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